Nicki Nysven

I am a mom on a mission to spread the word. Through our journey, I have found what I was meant to do: educate others, inspire, and never give up. Lyme Disease Awareness has become crucial to me as my husband and I are the parents of two children who both have tick-borne illnesses. I also found through our journey a quality in me that I truly now love about myself, positivity. About 2 ½ years into their treatment I reached a crossroads with my emotions. I had to make a decision.

Life sucks ass sometimes, but it’s all about how you choose to handle it. My daughter had been sick with a chronic disease for most of her life and the last 3 years it has taken her childhood completely away from her. And then my son falls ill and his life changed dramatically. Well, it took me a little while into our journey to figure out that if I don’t change my mindset I would either fall into a deep depression or lose my mother f*** mind, because watching your child go through this you feel so helpless and ask “why us, why my kids?”. But, I had to dig deep to figure out how to remain strong for my children, to fight for them to get well. That’s when I realized I needed to change my mindset. Instead of focusing on all the negatives I needed to find the positives amongst them. I started turning the negatives into positives. I can’t control what tomorrow will bring, but I can control my choice on how to handle it. 💚