Lydia Wondimu

Hey, hello, hi. How are you?

My name is Lydia. I’m a sophomore in high school, born in Ethiopia, but raised in none other than the US. I know I’m pretty young, but I hope my story can aspire others to love themselves endlessly. At only a few months old, I was adopted. It honestly was the greatest blessing in my life. But I grew up feeling unwanted; I struggled with self love and acceptance for the longest time. It’s hard since I am young, not many people think that we also deal with self acceptance issues as well. And being told that, no matter how much you love your parents, they aren’t your bio ones, can be a real bump in the road. But soon I learned that if I can’t change the situation, it’s best if I change my perspective of the situation. I learned that I am truly blessed with this life, and that I am here for a reason. That you know what, it is pretty cool that I was adopted. Who knows what could have happened if I wasn’t. So through my long 15 years of age, I turned to counting my blessings as my fuel to love myself. And I hope I can help other lovely people to love themselves as well 💕 God Bless and I hope my story helped