Jasmine Tidman

Throughout my childhood and my teen years, I struggled with accepting myself. Every time I thought I had made progress, a friend made a snide comment about my glasses and I’d be back to not eating for three days. I always seemed to take one step forward and then two steps back.

Dealing with anxiety and depression, it left very little time for me to get a grip of my self worth issues. In my head I just assumed this was how it would always be. That this was how I was supposed to feel. Friends were supposed to not always be nice and I wasn’t one of those confident people.

This stayed like this until I was two years into university. Red Frogs had an influential presence at my university and encouraged me to go back to Church. God very quickly began to work on me – healing me and making me realise how much of my life I’d been treated wrong. I was stuck in a pattern of abusive relationship.

The more I got involved at church and surrounded myself with a positive, God-loving community; God began to work on my self-worth. He tore down my walls and He filled my life with happiness and beauty. The more I let Him in, the better I felt each day. I began to build my foundations on God’s word, on His promises for my generation, as opposed to the abusive patterns I’d been exposed to and me.

It sounds clichéd and almost silly at this point, but I can honestly say I would not have the self confident I have today if it wasn’t for God. He loved me (and you!) so much that He doesn’t want us to believe what the media or what society says about us. He wants us to have an abundance of self worth, and to base our beliefs in His word. 

I share this with you in hopes that you realise how beautiful you really are. No matter what people say about you, no matter what the Devil throws you, you must realise how absolutely beautiful you really are – God made you in His image and if you look like God doesn’t that make you beautiful and perfect? Share your scars and your imperfections and allow to see yourself through God’s eyes